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GHM celebrating 150 years of service

Posted by: Jo Love
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If we add up every year our current team members have been with GHM, it equates to over 150 years of service at GHM! That’s a huge wealth of experience and skills that we’re super proud of.

And here’s a few interesting facts about what else is 150 years old…the first FA Cup occurred, as did the first Factory Act which raised the minimum age of a child labourer to ten! Our experience basically makes GHM Victorian! At that time a local paper mill nr our office in Sutton Courtenay, a similar size to GHM, employing around 25 people, was the largest employer.

So what’s our secret? Well of course Oxfordshire has brilliant transport links and so GHM attracts talent from across multiple counties, but we think that it’s the brilliant team spirit and family ethos that we all love most of all.

Our staff come from a range of backgrounds, predominately telecoms and IT, but we’ve also trained engineers and staff from lots of other industries, including an ex-footballer. And don’t forget our apprentices, many of whom forge great careers with us.

Our high levels of staff retention over the past 15 years bring a huge source of pride for the GHM directors. We empower our team to grow with the company and take on new challenges. By doing this, we’ll deliver the best solutions and experience for customers in line with our Core Values.

Here are a few team achievements that we celebrate at GHM:

  • 58% of our employees have over 5 years length of service
  • 35% of our employees have over 10 years length of service
  • Our staff turnover is also well below the UK average at 10%

Here’s to another 150 years service from our amazing team.

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