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Take your child to work days provide useful work experience at GHM

Posted by: Jo Love
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As part of National Career Week last week, TAKE YOUR CHILD TO WORK DAY is a year 9 initiative at many local schools to assist and prepare students for their future careers.

GHM mum Sarah welcomed her 13-year-old son Dylan, a pupil at Aureus School, to the GHM Team for the day! Here’s what Sarah and Dylan had to say.

Sarah says: “I think a tech career would be brilliant, and I was so pleased Dylan got to spend time with a web developer, our apprentice engineer Mike and have a quick health & safety low-down with our HR Manager Mary. My main goal was for him to see the various roles within GHM and how the team work together. As he moves on to GCSEs in September, I hope this has been a great experience.”

Dylan says: “Today I have sat with engineers and looked at the software they use to help people and supply care homes with. I have also helped package some equipment that is ready to be sent. Also, I had a call with a web developer who told me about what he does and how I can learn more about web development.

“The most enjoyable part was learning about how they use all the software and supply the equipment.

“The most exciting thing I have learnt is how when you join a company you must go through a whole process and probation period. It was also someone’s birthday and I had cake, everyone in the office was friendly.”

GHM are pleased to accept work experience students from local schools in our area who are interested in tech.

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