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Help employees keep businesses cyber safe

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, IT Managed Services, IT Support

With phishing emails and malware on the rise and becoming more advanced in their perceived authenticity, cybersecurity can no longer be the sole responsibility of of the IT department. All employees need to be aware of the dangers, tactics and consequences of phishing attacks to ensure they are not compromising the business. It is, after all, their own inboxes that are being targeted. 


Employees are the first line of defence and the most likely to represent a threat by unknowingly accepting a phishing request. It’s even more important in hybrid working, where employees may become less vigilant or not all devices are protected.  


We recommend a combination of staff training and malware protection, all from a recognised professional IT Support team such as GHM. If you need assistance in keeping your business safe, give us a call on 01865 367111. 

Watch this short video about phishing emails

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