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What are your options if you still use ISDN

Posted by: Jo Love
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Can you believe that ISDN was a child of the 1980s. It’s right up there with fax machines, floppy discs and cassette taps. It’s no surprise therefore that BT will be shutting off their ISDN and PSTN services completely.

Workplaces across the UK have changed significantly in the last few years. As IP-based services came in, many more businesses adopted remote working, flexible working, and hot-desking has also boomed. A high percentage of employees also use mobile devices throughout the day, and there has been an increased focus on service, efficiency, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Most businesses are aware of the 2025 switch-off for ISDN channels but there are benefits of moving away from ISDN sooner than the scheduled switch off:

  • ISDN lacks the agility needed to meet the needs of fast-moving customers.
  • Managing multiple offices can be time-consuming and maintaining consistency of service across offices can be difficult.
  • Scalability is slow and often costly.
  • ISDN-based telephony systems often require substantial Capex investment.
  • Disaster Recovery is slow.
  • Unfortunately, it won’t work with modern technologies like Ethernet to enhance voice services.

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