How 5G will Revolutionise Business in Oxfordshire

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Business Phone System, News, Tips and advice

GHM stated earlier in the year, with 5G potentially allowing much faster download speeds, a smartphone could have the same productivity as a PC. However, what does 5G mean for business in Oxfordshire?

The launch of 5G in the UK began in May 2019, and it is a staggered approach into 2020, so it is worth knowing that it won’t happen overnight. But its increased speed and capacity will revolutionise business, as it is 100 times faster (tops out at 10 Gb/s). For example, you can download a full HD movie in 10 seconds, compared to 10 minutes on 4G.

We agree with the government that this will greatly benefit those businesses in rural communities. You can also expect remote working and collaborative working to become easier. With the AR, VR and seamless connectivity of 5G, conference calls will make users feel they are in the same room. There will also be much less delay or lay when using a phone or other devices, while its ultra-reliability means no dropped calls or connectivity.

With all the enhancements and constant development, we have been asked if 5G will replace Broadband? In response, we don’t see this replacing fibre or copper cabling anytime soon.

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