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How technology can drive the 4-day week

Posted by: Jo Love
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This month thousands of UK workers are trialling a four-day week. The pilot scheme will involve 70 companies over the next six months. During the trial, employees receive 100% pay for working 80% of the week. The aim is to be more focused and productive, with a better work/life balance.

The companies involved in the trial are from different sectors, from charities and recruitment to software developers and shops.

Technical advances are driving the trend of new working patterns, with the pandemic highlighting that with the correct technology solutions, employees can work from anywhere and businesses can be more flexible.

An Omnichannel solution is an excellent option for companies interacting with customers via multiple channels, as it connects everything from calls, live chats, social media and SMS – all to the CRM system. Not only does it create a seamless customer experience, but it also ensures all team members have visibility of the customer profile.

With an increase in digital channels, there is also an increase in automation. AI automation allows teams to work smarter and faster, and with colleagues not necessarily working on the same days anymore, an omnichannel solution provides complete visibility of current and previous activity in one central database.

Fun fact: The five-day week was actually a revolutionary idea introduced by Henry Ford in the 1920s.

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