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How vulnerable is your IT security?  

Posted by: Jo Love
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For businesses that are worried about ongoing cyber security threats, the most important thing for organisations of all sizes is to make sure that the fundamentals of cyber security are in place to protect their devices, networks and systems. This is important under all circumstances but critical during periods of heightened cyber threat. Do you have all the basics covered?

Network Security

By this, we mean having proactive network security that deploys multiple layers of protection, prevention, monitoring, incident response, and event management for all devices.

  • Ensure antivirus software is installed and regularly confirm that it is active on all systems and that signatures are updating correctly.
  • Check your firewall rules are as expected – specifically check for temporary rules that may have been left in place beyond their expected lifetime.

Backup Data

It is vital to have comprehensive data backups that create multiple copies of critical information. If a cyber-attack occurs, the right backup ensures businesses get back on track quickly and minimise the damage caused.

Staff Training

Studies have shown many data breaches are due to human error. Security awareness training for all employees is crucial to identifying user-based cyber threats. Ensure that staff know how to report phishing emails. Ensure you have a process in place to deal with any reported phishing emails.

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