Keep an eye on your PBX or CPUs whilst away from the office

Posted by: Jo Love
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What Is IP PBX? A-Z Guide to VoIP Servers & IP PBX SystemsWith many offices sitting empty at the moment, it’s worth keeping an eye on any traditional PBX systems, CPUs or other hardware to make sure they’re clean and ready to fire up when switched back on.

Some basic maintenance tips include:

  1. Making sure the area around any hardware remains well ventilated
  2. The temperature remains cool and optimum – with some of the hot weather we have been having, and air conditioning systems obviously switched off currently, it’s worth making sure temperatures don’t get too hot
  3. Carry out occasional cleaning around the area to keep the hardware, particularly any fans, dust free

If you have any concerns about your office phone system or think it’s the right time to switch to a more flexible, hosted phone system then give us a call. We are still working and always happy to talk.

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