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Microsoft 365 Backup – Some Common Misconceptions

Posted by: Jo Love
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We’ve previously written about why Cloud Backup is so critical and why you should move to a Cloud Backup solution. But why do you need additional backup – more than what Microsoft 365 provides?

There is a misconception that Microsoft provides sufficient backup, but even Microsoft recommends a third-party, cloud backup solution in addition to theirs. Here we look at why and how relying on Microsoft to keep your business data safe could put your business at risk and potentially lead to data loss.


Businesses risk losing valuable data and paying a hefty sum to criminals if they suffer a ransomware attack. There is also no guarantee files will be unlocked. Microsoft recommends third-party backup as the only way to recover from data loss associated with ransomware encryption.

Permanent Deletion

When a SharePoint administrator deletes a file, all data moves to the Recycle Bin, where the data is kept for a brief period. All data gets automatically and permanently deleted after 90 days with no rollback option – so if a file has been accidentally deleted and not discovered during that period, it will be lost forever.

Inactive Licences

An active Microsoft licence is needed to access data. Unfortunately, if a user is removed, the data gets permanently deleted. There is no rollback option for this.

App Outages

Uptime is brilliant until an outage occurs. Planning for the unexpected is key to recovering quickly when an app outage occurs.

Unexpected data loss can happen to anyone. For further information about our cloud backup options, contact our IT Support team on 01865 367111.

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