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The GHM Low Down on Business Headsets

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Tips and advice

Do you need a new business headset? Nothing is worse than discovering your new piece of gear doesn’t work or meet your requirements.

Headsets are a personal choice. Individuals could be wearing a headset for more than 6-hours a day, so they need to be comfortable and durable. Some may also argue that they need to be on trend!

Here we highlight the main points to consider so you get the right headset first time.

Firstly, when selecting your need to establish the following: –

  • What is your budget (it tends to be the case that you get what you pay for)?
  • Will you be synchronising to a laptop/PC or via a desk phone? Because you will need to ensure the headset purchased has the correct connection lead. A desk phone is unlikely to be compatible with a Bluetooth headset.
  • Do you need a Wired Headset or Wireless Headset?
  • If wireless (Bluetooth or DECT), what distance do you need the headset to cover? Headsets have a different range (covering up to three hundred feet!) But also think about the building type – for example, can the walls, lifts, and windows block the signal and affect the distance range?
  • Do you need remote answering? If so, it is worth considering how often you need to take calls remotely.
  • How long does the talk time need to be if opting for a wireless headset? Bluetooth offers limited battery talk time, whereas a DECT wireless headset will give you more talk time.
  • Comfort is essential; do you need a binaural (two ears) or a monoaural headset (one ear, like a traditional telephone)?
  • Top tip, if you wear glasses, certain people find the headbands can cause discomfort if worn for prolonged periods, so consider an in-the-ear option (earbuds).
  • Customers will often complain if the headset sounds muffled or there is background noise, so consider headsets which offer noise-cancelling microphones.
  • What connection lead does your device need? Check the headset will work with your device before purchasing.


Overall, there are no real downsides, as all improve posture and productivity.

Wired headsets are much cheaper, and there is a large gap between an excellent quality wired headset and a wireless headset, making wired more affordable.




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