“outdated” IT and old computers being used in schools and colleges

Posted by: Jo Love
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A review by Qualifications Wales found students are ahead of the curve and already know the technology before they are taught about it.

It added many schools are using old computers and are struggling to afford the latest equipment.

This is the latest review by the watchdog assessing whether qualifications within key areas of the economy are fit for purpose.

It said the subject needed “fundamental reform” and had not kept pace with the “fast-moving digital sector”.

The review found that:

  • Current qualifications are outdated, with some a decade behind the latest digital developments such as smart phones, iPads and smart watches.
  • IT assessments are often written or via screen-shots
  • Many schools and colleges say they do not have the money to update equipment
  • The subject is not prioritised in some schools and is often taught by non-specialists

Neil McManus of GHM says: “The report isn’t surprising for us. We work with many schools who have upgraded their IT provision through us because their old equipment wasn’t working effectively. Our tablet packages for schools are really popular, they are a really cost effective way to introduce new technology and safeguarded apps.”

You can read the full report here.

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