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Q&A: Jordan Cruickshank, Business Development Manager

Posted by: Jo Love
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Our Business Development Manager Jordan Cruickshank hasn’t taken a breather since starting with us six months ago. In fact it’s likely that you’ve already spoken with him on the phone. Here’s a bit more about Jordan and what the hot topics are for customers at the moment.

How has your first 6 months at GHM been?

It’s been brilliant…really busy but I have loved getting to know existing customers and introducing new ones. GHM is a great place to work with a genuinely family feel but all of the technologies, support and innovation you would expect from an enterprise IT and Telephony provider.

What's top of the list for customers when it comes to telephony right now?

Definitely shifting to hosted telephony. I would say that 95% of existing GHM customers have already made the move to a cloud telephony and it’s top of the wish list for most new customers getting in touch with us. The big switch off of analogue lines is a driver for some but the features and benefits you get from a hosted telephone system are just so much better and you can control your costs a lot more too.

And how about IT Support?

With malware cases hitting our news headlines almost daily, cybersecurity is a key concern for a lot of businesses now. We work with our customers to train their teams on how to spot and deal with phishing emails and also put in place the necessary layers of protection on their existing IT structure. Most are amazed at how easy and affordable it all is.

Where do you feel GHM is adding a lot of value at the moment?

GHM is able to broker some really good Business Energy deals and this is a hot topic for obvious reasons! I would say that we are able to reduce the cost of Business Energy for 1 in 2 customers asking us for quotes and for the other half it’s also reassuring to know they are on the best tariff from a completely independent source. It’s the businesses that are just out of contract where we are adding most value here.

What's the most exciting thing in your diary right now?

Well, I actually have quite a lot! Probably as I’m celebrating a ‘big’ birthday next month.

I’m off to an NFL game, Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars, at Wembley in a couple of weeks time and will of course be going to the Spurs games (my team).

I’m also looking forward to the world cup like everyone else and the England v Wales game is actually on my birthday. Dare I say it should be an easy win and help us top the group?!

Finally, my girlfriend and I are going to the Dominican Republic on holiday next year which we’re hugely excited about.

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