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6 easy ways to reduce your business energy usage

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Business Energy

#1 Switch off

Turn off unused lights and machines. Do not leave sleep mode or standby mode on, as even a blinking light can use up energy.

#2 Thermostat

Programme your thermostat to conserve energy when the office is not in use. Even 1°C of overheating can increase the cost of energy by up to 8%.

#3 Doors & Windows

Sealed doors and windows are better for cooling in the summer and keeping the heat in during the winter, avoiding energy waste.

#4 Printing

Only print when necessary and look to use online solutions such as DocuSign, to reduce paper waste as well as save money on energy.

#5 Energy Audit

We can provide invaluable advice tailored to your business on how to cut down on consumption, including Solar and Voltage Optimisation solutions.

#6 Contract Review

The best way to save on your energy is by ensuring you are on the best rates for your business. It can be daunting and time-consuming, but that is where we can help!

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