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Telecoms Industry Welcomes Three UK and Vodafone Merger

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Business Phone System, News, Oxfordshire telecoms

The proposed merger between Three UK and Vodafone has received a positive response from the telecoms industry. Although it is still subject to approval by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the merger is set to create the largest network in the UK.

According to our partner Gamma (a partner of Three UK) the merger is an exciting development for mobile customers and they are expective improved products and customer service as a result of the collaboration. Most importantly they are also expecting uninterrupted connectivity and reliability.

Interestingly the merger results in BT-owned EE losing its number-one position in the market in customer numbers. The combined group of Three UK and Vodafone will also surpass O2, another major player in the industry.

Gamma also emphasised the benefits of combining the networks of Three UK and Vodafone, which means a better coverage footprint for customers and gaining access to the largest network in the UK and one of the leading 5G networks in Europe.

Overall, the industry is welcoming the Three UK and Vodafone merger as a significant step towards improving network infrastructure, hopefully enhancing customer experiences and offering customers more value across the UK.

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