Telecoms: What can we expect from 2020 and beyond?

Posted by: Jo Love
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As we approach 2020, what can we expect from Telecoms in the next decade? Well, we have seen much change since 2010. If you think back, this was when the iPhone 3GS was the height of sophistication, and so it’s clear that mobiles will evolve significantly more over the next 10-years also.

GHM has been keeping track of the launch of 5G, and how this will benefit businesses. There is no surprise that we will see this become widespread and accessible to all.

The big question is the ISDN switch off. Will it happen in 2025 and what impact will it have on businesses? As a result of this, we are already seeing a shift towards Hosted Telephone Systems. The advantage being there is no hardware or maintenance costs. This also goes hand in hand with the changing way we work, it has been reported that 50% of the UK workforce will work remotely by 2020, according to the Office of National Statistics.

However, what will happen to those relying on traditional systems and ISDN technology. There is already a trend to move to SIP. At GHM we know this can provide the business with significant savings, as well as be a more reliable solution.

Also not forgetting the demand for data, especially as applications move to the cloud. The appetite for high-speed isn’t going away, our job is to deliver the best solutions to our customers that require them. Visit our page on WiFi – Enterprise WLAN to find out more.

There is certainly much to think about as we approach 2020, and GHM is here to provide advice on all your Telecom needs.

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