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Time to look at your Auto Attendant & Music on Hold?

Posted by: Jo Love
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When customers call, they want answers straight away and it has never been more important to optimise our customer experience. At GHM we speak to customers daily about getting the most out of the features included with their business telephone systems. We find many have not amended the auto-attendant since installation, whilst some are looking to create a more professional greeting and deliver specific marketing messages to callers.

Here are some things to consider:-

Auto Attendant

The first thing you need to think about is how to direct your calls, so the caller gets through to the right person – so a script is necessary. Here is an example from GHM:-

Welcome to GHM Communications. Please listen carefully to the following options:

Press 1 for Support , Press 2 for Sales , Press 3 for Projects, Press 4 for Network Services , Press 5 for Accounts.

This initial part of your script could include a greeting, instructions/prompts, who you are, where are you based and when/how are you accessible e.g. opening hours, website etc.

You then need to think about the voice and tone. While you can record the messages internally, you may prefer a regional accent or a more professional recording. GHM can provide options for what works best for your business.


As well as music, you can also record marketing messages if there are specific events, products or achievements you are keen to promote. This option can work alongside other marketing channels.

You may also want to give reassurances/accreditations and state who you work with so callers identify with you.

Music on Hold

Reports suggest that callers are likely to hang up quickly if there is no music on hold. Many businesses use the same pre-programmed music. However, you can make your company stand out by choosing the right option for your brand. You will need to ensure you are licenced to use the recording as copyright and broadcasting laws are strict.

As every business is unique, please contact GHM Sales who can look into your system configuration and offer suitable solutions and suggestions.


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