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Wellbeing Watch with GHM: Rise and shine

Posted by: Jo Love
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How do you tackle mornings? Do you rush around at 100 miles an hour, checking emails while making packed lunches or do you start the day with a run and a chilled approach. Whether you are office or home-based, here are some top tips to make mornings happier and healthier.

Don’t reach for your phone first thing.

Okay, we are a communications company, but is reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up a good thing? It will most likely have a negative impact, making you feel more anxious and overwhelmed. Instead, allow yourself to wake up naturally.  

Do not skip breakfast.

Some of us do not feel hungry first thing or skip breakfast. But avoiding breakfast means you are likely to snack, reaching for sugary snacks that provide a spike in energy, followed by a slump. Having breakfast sets you up mentally for the day but physically as well. Many offices have breakfast provisions and fruit.

Plan the night before.

It is easier said than done and does not work for everyone. The most effective time to plan your day is the night before. It gives you a sense of control, enabling you to park your workday enhancing a positive work-life balance.

Beat the Stress.

Everyone is different, and we should recognise that not everyone is a morning person. However, how we start the day can impact our mental health, especially when starting with negative thoughts or exposing ourselves to bad news, which can spiral negative thoughts throughout the day. There are many things we cannot control, and it is good to recognise this.   

Keep yourself hydrated.

A large glass of water should be the first thing you reach in the morning. Many of us will opt for coffee. But after six to nine hours of sleep, this will dehydrate us further. Water will hydrate you before you face the day.  


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