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Wellbeing Winter watch with GHM

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Oxfordshire telecoms, Tips and advice

Winter is challenging for both office and home workers. For those commuting even more so, as we tend to get up in the dark, spend the day inside and then arrive back home in the dark!

As well as Covid cases remaining high and colds and bugs spreading, our mental health can also suffer.

Also, around 2 million people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD), a type of depression that occurs in a seasonal pattern.

So how can you beat the winter blues in your office? Here are our top tips to improve wellbeing for office and home workers this winter: –

Take a walking meeting – For short meetings, why not wrap up and head outside. The extra movement will help improve wellbeing and get some valuable daylight.

Make the most of daylight hours – The lack of natural daylight can often contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorders. Take a walk at lunchtime, or even make the odd call outside.

Social interactions – homeworkers can miss out on social interactions with colleagues. Feeling isolated can affect mental wellbeing. Create opportunities for video meetings and informal chats.

Give yourself a reward – Not matter how small the win, give yourself a treat. Hot chocolate, a new book or even ‘me time’ on the sofa are great small rewards.

If you’re still feeling the winter blues, remember that winter never lasts forever, warmer days will be back again soon – in the meantime there’s always a warming cuppa.

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