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What can Voice Analytics teach businesses? 

Posted by: Jo Love
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A Voice Analytics Solution (included within our Cloud Hosted Telephony) enables businesses to spot keywords and phrases in calls and interactions, plus detect sentiment and emotional context using pitch, pacing and language clues to observe whether a conversation is going in the right direction. It is also a valuable tool for customer retention. A recent report highlighted that 82% of customers do not engage with a business they feel has provided a poor customer experience.

Here are some key benefits: –

Improving Products & Services

Businesses in the past have been reliant on surveys. However, voice analytics allows product and marketing teams instant insights into their products, services, pricing, and quality. It’s much better than asking for feedback, as the data is more accurate and useful.

Supporting Staff Development

Analysing call data can be time-consuming for managers, and only a fraction of calls get evaluated. Voice analytics enables immediate access to detailed call data without needing to listen to every call. As a result, businesses can improve overall performance with additional tailored training to plug the skills and knowledge gaps identified.

Staying Compliant

It is the perfect tool for businesses to stay compliant, especially those offering financial services. Voice analytics AI tools can even enable automated redaction of sensitive payment information to maintain a focus on standards, including PCI-DSS and GDPR, for enhanced customer data security.

Reducing Costs

Voice analytics can benefit the business by improving productivity. It saves managers time as they won’t need to search through volumes of interactions, as it quickly identifies calls that need priority attention. Research has suggested an increase in customer satisfaction by 10%.

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