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What happens when you pay the Ransomware?

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, IT Managed Services, Tips and advice

We recently published some results from a Ransomware Survey. The report unveiled the experiences of medium-sized companies when it comes to how vulnerable we all are. So let’s delve deeper into whether victims should pay up if faced with a ransomware attack.

Not every victim of ransomware will end up with a demand to unlock their files. If they do, we understand many businesses will want a quick fix but we recommend not paying the ransomware or negotiating with the attacker as the best strategy.

Giving in to the demands of cybercriminals could assist them in launching new attacks. And of course there’s no guarantee the attackers will delete the ransomware, causing even more stress for the business.     

Prevention is the best policy to protect businesses, ensuring they have the necessary backup for all critical files and data. Plus, it’s really important your staff are trained on how to spot an attack or suspicious activity. GHM’s IT Support & Managed Services can provide tailored strategies for your business – contact us on 01865 367111 for further details.


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