What’s the best landline number for my business?

Posted by: Jo Love
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With large amounts spent on marketing, selecting the right phone number is as important as selecting the right business telephone system and important to get it right from the outset. Phone numbers are split into either geographical (local) or non-geographical.

The main advantage of selecting a local (geographical) number is that customers feel there is a local presence, hence making them feel secure (even if the business does not have an office in that location). The numbers start with 01 or 02 and most of us are familiar with these, e.g. 0161 for the Manchester area or 0121 in Birmingham etc.

The companies with well-known brands will want to have countrywide exposure, and many choose non-geographical numbers that start with 03, 08 or 07.

Choosing the right number can be a tricky decision, while the business will pay the charges for customers dialling a free number, e.g. 0800 or 0808, we have found that customers are more likely to dial these numbers, which means any charges are offset with more leads.

Another option for businesses needing national coverage, but at local call rates is to opt for a 03 number. They are split into two groups, 030 for the public sector or 033 for the private sector. It is worth noting that they are less well-known, so clear indication of call costs on websites and material is important because they could be perceived as premium-rate numbers.

Lastly, businesses that offer a special service can opt for 084 or 087. These numbers have varying charges per minute. They generally cost the business less, but are not ideal in generating more leads.

As we all know, 07 is associated with mobile users. Unless you want to be perceived as a small operation, most businesses prefer not to direct customers to a mobile. Although with the telecoms solutions GHM offer businesses, calls can always be diverted or setup to an individual’s mobile.

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