Why call recording is so important for a business

Posted by: Jo Love
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Call Recording in today‚Äôs competitive marketplace is a necessary investment for businesses looking to grow sales, improve processes, stay compliant and enhance their customer experience. Ultimately, you want those calls stored securely for quick and easy access. Here’s a quick overview of some of the features and important legal considerations.

Staff Training

Identifying training needs will lead to increased client satisfaction and potentially more sales. Not only can you evaluate areas of improvement, but also identify Individuals exceeding expectations. Recordings can also assist with timely mistakes, as sales orders can be listened to at any point.

Dealing with Disputes

For client escalations, it is crucial to have the recordings to hand. Primarily, they are there to protect the client and the business. And handled correctly an important tool to use to come to a resolution. Do though ensure that when sending recordings you comply fully with GDPR, as the rules are now much stricter.

Legal Requirements

It is important to take the appropriate measures to ensure that all call recordings are legal, and they do not breach the Data Protection Act. GHM can offer call recording solutions that are compliance-ready, which is a must for financial institutions or companies taking payments over their telephone system.

If your business does not currently have a Call Recording Policy in place, it is worth spending time in putting one together. The risk of non-compliance could lead to a potential financial penalty and negative press.

CRM Integration

GMH ensure that calls integrate seamlessly with a host of CRM platforms. They currently include Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho CRM, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics.

As a specialist telephony provider, GHM are well equipped to provide effective call recording solutions for business environments.

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