Why high-speed WiFi is a good business fit

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High-speed WiFi is becoming the norm for businesses that demand information sharing and increased productivity. WiFi is convenient, effective and increasingly popular, and allows employees to access documents, emails, applications and other network resources at any time.

Here are five ways businesses are taking advantage of the WiFi revolution:

  1. Redefine your work space

High-speed WiFi allows employees to access voice, data and video on demand, even when they are on the move. GHM Communications in Oxford partner with a number of world class leading manufacturers to deliver business telephone systems that guarantee users maximise voice and video features, without impacting on data output.

Users have the freedom to move around office buildings without losing WiFi connection, and conferences and team meetings run smoothly because everyone can have access to all documents on your network whenever they are needed. It is important to install a quality high-speed WiFi Connection to deliver professional videoconferencing with limited ‘drop-outs’.

  1. Increased productivity

Statistics show that employee performance and productivity are greatly increased for businesses who invest in high-speed WiFi. Time spent waiting for websites to load and files to open cost companies a significant amount of money when added up over a year.

Allowing staff to access the information they need quickly will significantly improve the service you deliver to your customers. For example, school telephone systems should include wireless handsets for teachers to enable them to be contactable while they are mobile around school, businesses can direct customers to the right person efficiently and professionally and doctors can access online patient files as they move between exam rooms.

  1. Improve business operations

While some businesses still adopt a wired connection this does have its limitations. High-speed WiFi allows network access to all your staff throughout your building, including areas where it is difficult to connect a wired network.

A high-speed WiFi network can save businesses time, effort and money by eliminating the need for wires and cables, which can be costly and difficult to maintain. A wireless infrastructure also allows staff the freedom to move around, from desk to desk or meeting room to meeting room, and still have access to files on the network.

  1. Easy network development

Companies benefit significantly from the flexibility a wireless network provides. New employees can easily be added to a WiFi network without the cost and effort required to run physical cables and wires which need to be set up manually.

WiFi is cost-effective and convenient and is rapidly becoming an essential component of a business must-have. A valued investment into high-speed Wifi will provide companies with the opportunity to remain competitive and one that will pay-off well into the future.

  1. Impress your customers

You can’t beat the convenience of a wireless network, and as we are exposed to more mobile devices and cloud apps we expect to have access to WiFi wherever we go.

Businesses can set up a separate guest network for their customers by optimising their network for both business and guests. This is beneficial for both security and connectivity purposes.

Providing WiFi to customers gains businesses a competitive advantage by delivering a better customer experience. Cafés and restaurants have found that customers stay longer and spend more money when free WiFi is available. Similarly, doctor’s surgeries that provide access to free WiFi help keep patients busy and happy while they wait for appointments.

To ensure we deliver the best possible WiFi solutions to our clients, one of our strategic partners, Samsung, has developed a WiFi telephone system that provides flexibility, security and the ability to grow with your business.

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