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Have you been a victim of MMD Mobile Malware (Flubot)?

Posted by: Jo Love
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Flubot is a text message or MMS scam – part of a large-scale smishing (the fraudulent practice of sending text messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers) attack using malware named Flubot. It currently only impacts Android devices and is downloaded under a guise of a tracking app or a message with a link to retrieve a voicemail, which installs when the user clicks the attached link.

Users are currently seeing a significant rise in Flubot on the O2 network. It was first identified by Vodafone at the end of April, with daily incidents increasing.

Malware can also take over the device, sending infected SMS/MMS to contacts without their knowledge. Also, the fraudster can maybe access banking apps.

How to protect your device

Flubot is steadily evolving with the threat and is likely to continue until security measurements keep up with advancements. So, learning how to protect your device is the best way to halt the spread.

It is advisable to check the National Cyber Security Centre website and follow the advice on removing malware from a detected device. The action includes performing a factory reset, which may wipe all the user’s data, photos, contacts etc.

If you want to protect your organisation, contact our IT Support Team on 01865 367111 for further information.

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