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How GHM maximises your ROI for Telephony and IT support

Posted by: Jo Love
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It’s important to both GHM and our customers (new and existing) that our services are more than a monthly expense. Here are a few ways we work with our customers to maximise ROI when it comes to Telephony and IT Support


Reducing Existing Costs


Before investing in any technologies, we carry out a full and comprehensive IT & Telephony audit. Once completed, it’s likely that GHM can save existing costs by consolidating services, reducing suppliers, or removing no longer-used subscriptions. 


Integrate to Save


While it might feel like a bit of effort upfront, automating and integrating where possible can be hugely beneficial, whether it is a click-to-call feature between the CRM and phone systems or integrating sales management and marketing tools. It’s straightforward for our IT team and employees benefit the most from a simple sign-in across all apps, which is also perfect for new starters. 


Managing Budgets


Larger one-off or annual payments are tough for any business managing their workflow, so most GHM services have a simple monthly fee with minimal upfront costs. It’s called an Opex (Operating expenses) model, which also has further tax benefits for you, the customer. The aim is to keep operating expenditures stable and should simplify budgeting. 


A Single Provider Approach


By having both your IT Support & Telephony under the same roof, there are savings to be gained. We understand some businesses prefer to spread the risk, but we know our customers disagree. One provider, economies of scale, more integration and much more.


Efficient Reporting


For customers wishing to consolidate reporting or measure activity, our centralised reporting highlights all Support Tickets and any ongoing Project Work. Your GHM Account Manager can analyse reports with or for you and address any areas of concern during your account review. The reporting structure can be adapted to suit your business requirements.  


Partnering with GHM ensures you can devote more time and attention to your core business, with the peace of mind that our professionals are looking after your technology and solutions on a day to day basis. Give us a call on 01865 367111 to discuss any new efficiencies you are looking to make.

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