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PSTN Switch Off: Update

Posted by: Jo Love
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With nearly 12 million business and residential lines yet to be moved, businesses still reliant on PSTN and ISDN services should now have a future communications strategy in place. The PSTN switch-off is daunting but necessary in the UK to remain competitive and connected in our digital world. And for those businesses holding off, thinking the switch off won’t go ahead, it’s worth noting Germany has already gone through the process back in 2018.


Here’s an update on the key dates and our latest recommendations around the Big Switch Off.




October 2023 – Salisbury and Mildenhall End of Life Process Begins

Delayed from April 2023. Customers using the PSTN network in Salisbury and Mildenhall will have reduced service leading to a complete cease of services.

September 2023 – UK Stop Sell

Customers across the whole country cannot purchase ISDN lines or add new features.

December 2025 – UK

The key date for the PSTN switch off across the UK.

Click here for an update of what’s happening in our neck of the woods when it comes to the FTTP roll out.


Important update as to why businesses should start the switch early


We’ve talked about the business reasons for switching early on our Big Switch Off page, but the latest figures show that the closer we get to December 2025, the higher demand for migration services will be. Expect to see lead times increasing exponentially, along with prices. More importantly, we are anticipating a further increase in PSTN and ISDN rental and lines as early as this April. Starting the transition early will enable businesses to avoid supply constraints, waiting lists, and the projected cost increases.


Consider what other technology you are using


The focus so far has mainly been on telephone systems; however, don’t forget that any PSTN-connected device will be affected by the digital transition. 


Start to audit your assets such as CCTV, alarms, fax machines, EPOS terminals, dial-up connections and point-to-point leased lines. 


No FTTP where you are yet?

We know that many businesses aren’t yet able to access FTTP yet but, because of the anticipated PSTN price rises, we are recommending that businesses not yet connected to FTTP consider SoGEA as a great interim (or even long term in some cases) solution.

You can read about our SoGEA solution HERE but in short, SoGEA is a type of broadband that uses an existing fibre/copper network without the Wholesale Line Rental element. And whilst the cost savings aren’t quite as much as FTTP, there are still savings to be gained as the monthly line rental is no longer required (thus avoiding those imminent price hikes too). You will need a VoIP/Cloud Telephone System however (most of our customers are already using hosted telephony so this shouldn’t be a problem for most).

There is also a useful podcast from our partners, featuring OpenReach & Vigin Media HERE.

Our team are always happy to talk about your options and the roll out of the Big Switch Off where you are. Call us on 01865 367111.

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