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How to adopt Green IT?

Posted by: Jo Love
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Green IT aims to minimise the impact of IT operations on the environment. Furthermore, with the increasing pressure of climate change, government legislation will tighten up around this issue in the coming years. So how can businesses provide a helping hand and get ahead of the Green IT movement?

One of the most significant and beneficial ways companies can go greener is moving IT to the Cloud. An Accenture analysis suggests migration to the Cloud can reduce global carbon (CO2) emissions by 59 million tons of CO2 per year. That represents a 5.9% reduction in total IT emissions and equates to taking 22 million cars off the road.

Cloud IT, as well as being environmentally friendly, is also more efficient, cost-effective, and perfect for remote or hybrid working.

Here are the main benefits for SMEs:

~ Cheaper than maintaining on-premises systems, especially as less energy is needed.

~ Frees up valuable office space, as a physical server is no longer needed.

~ If a disaster occurs in the office, the data won’t be affected.

~ Employees can access data securely from anywhere, using any device, contributing towards effective remote and hybrid working

There are many other steps businesses can adopt to be greener, such as minimising travel, thinking before printing etc. It is also important to recycle old IT equipment. Many schools and charities are happy to receive older devices.

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