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The Challenges for Modern Call Centres 

Posted by: Jo Love
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Are you a business that deals with multiple customer enquiries and calls each day? It may be time to see how a Cloud Contact Centre Solution can improve your customer experience and increase staff performance and morale.

Here we outline some of the biggest frustrations that both customers and agents face in a modern call centre and how a cloud solution could improve the outcome for all.

Long Hold Times

There is nothing more annoying than ‘on hold ‘music, when you are keen to get a problem resolved and waiting for an agent to help you.

Through the management of Wallboards in the cloud system, supervisors can provide agents with live insights, enabling them to identify areas of increased demands. It can also respond to escalation alerts requiring managerial assistance. The web-based Administration Portal also allows a wide range of administration duties, such as adding extensions and groups or configuring call routing.

The agent does not have sufficient information

Agents can be frustrated with one transferred call after another, and often they are not equipped to solve customer issues. 

GHM believe that integration is key to any Unified Communications solution. It helps improve both productivity and accuracy. Our Cloud Solution offers integration with the leading CRM platforms to all the information that an agent needs is automatically at their fingertips.

Support channels are disjointed

Customers like to get what they want, how they want it. They want to feel special and understood. 

Omnichannel communications can bridge the gap between different customer touch points because it allows customers to interact with brands through WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, web contact forms, live chat, SMS, email, and phone calls – all centralised to a single, intelligent console.

Frustrated Support Agents

It is hard enough to have an issue with a product or service, so the last thing anyone needs is a frustrated agent who feels unsupported in their role.

We know agent friendliness and empathy rates highly for customers. Businesses can look at solutions to empower staff, such as call routing, which assists in reducing call times and optimising agent efficiency, supplemented with the ability to create AI-driven responses.

We understand every contact centre has different challenges. To discuss our Cloud Solution and see how GHM can help’s businesses, contact us on 01865 367111. 


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