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The Rise of Call Recording

Posted by: Jo Love
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In our previous blog on call recording we highlighted how powerful the AI tool is to a business. As call recording continues to rise, it is evident that it is no longer just a tool to resolve disputes.  

However, in the current climate, there are fresh challenges around compliance. We have seen an increase in hybrid working across different sectors and business sizes. As such, The Financial Conduct Authority recently ruled that financial services organisations must now record all communications while working from home. So businesses must have a solution that can manage updates when compliance changes.  

The call recording policies also need to match a business’ regulatory requirements, with staff educated and informed on policies. Investing in the right solution is vital. Firstly, the software needs to be updated regularly to reflect the changing requirements. Businesses can then focus on other tangible benefits such as possible AI solutions – all of which will see greater efficiencies.  

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