How to run a successful virtual meeting

Posted by: Jo Love
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Whatever platform you are running your virtual meetings on, it’s important to maintain the same standards as we would have face to face. Take a read of the following tips on how to run a successful virtual meeting.

Check your Connection!

The easiest way to disengage attendees is poor connectivity. In the office you are likely to have high bandwidth and good connectivity. But at home, not all of us enjoy fibre and plenty of people are still using older copper services even with an FTTC connection. There may also be others in the household working or doing school work online. While there is only so much you can do, the best advice is to make sure your router has the latest firmware and plan meetings carefully to avoid simultaneous usage. But most importantly don’t stray too far from your router.

Prepare your Equipment

It is really important to check your equipment prior, you don’t want issues at the start as it runs the risk of attendees checking out before it even begins. Check your headset sound. It is always worth investing in a good quality headset, known for reliability, comfort and cost. Contact GHM for further advice.

Use the right Tools  

Many of our cloud customers enjoy using their phone system for video, voice, messaging, presence, screen sharing and much more. They love having everything in one place and one provider. The features are also available to download on IOS and Android.

Set Clear Objectives

Keep things on track by having clear objectives, setting a plan and sharing prior to the meeting. Asking participants to stay and listen without a clear plan is not an efficient way to use their time or run a meeting. Try and set the agenda as far in advance as possible.

Always have the video on

It is always nice to put a face to the name, and facial expressions humanise virtual meetings. Plus with the camera on there is less distraction such as checking phones etc.

Stick to your timings

This is essential and links back to having an agenda. Away from the office it is very easy to get distracted and this will help stay on topic.

We hope this blog is helpful if you have any further tips please share. If you need assistance on choosing the right platform to run your virtual meetings do get in touch.

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