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What’s happening in the business energy market?

Posted by: Jo Love
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As energy consultants GHM is able to provide independent, informed advice to businesses about the current energy spikes and increasing costs.

Many of our customers are cushioned against exposure from the UK’s soaring energy prices because we have assisted in locking them into fixed contracts.

As a broker, GHM is not exposed to any risks, unlike the suppliers.

In the main, our customers are locked into deals that will see them through this crisis. However, customers not in contracts are facing massive price rises and need our help in managing their energy more than ever.

Customers can look at reducing their usage and we are able to recommend platforms that give a complete view of energy consumption and carbon footprint.

How long will the prices remain high? Industry experts think the short-term supply and demand squeeze should be corrected by Spring 22. However, customers should remain cautious until the winter is over.

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