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I’ll Take the Window Seat Please!

Posted by: Jo Love
Category: Blog, Tips and advice

For those making the transition from home working to the office again, is our desk location really important? Well, according to recent research from the BBC, there is a science behind desk location and productivity in open-plan offices.

It concludes that window desks and more intimate group desks got a big thumbs up while sitting in a row, with your back to most people was the most unsettling. It also suggested that staff sitting close to a window or at desks grouped together were most productive and better bonded.

It also added that bigger is not necessarily better. However, it was conclusive that being in an office provides the best opportunity to bond, collaborate, and feel part of the team. At GHM we agree with this sentiment 100%, in a Covid safe environment of course. And it’s always worth remembering that should should staff need to work on a complex task, a quiet space to escape is also ideal.

The key is flexibility.


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